2 Story Multiunit Housing

Swedish scientists have calculated that 2,000 watts per person is the top limit of sustainable energy use for the world. This translates into 17,520 kilowatt-hours annually. Much of the world lives under this limit (India is a 1,000 watt society, china a 1,500 watt one). However the western world surpassed this limit decades ago: currently the US is a 12,000 watt society. In order to accomplish the goal of a 2,000 watt society the way we live, work, travel, and think about energy must fundamentally change. This change will not be possible unless our living environment changes as well. The primary goal of the new society is a whole-process view of living, economics, energy, and design. Important elements include the calculation of embodied energies, consideration of the nutrient, water, and energy cycles, and soft-energy paths.